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Traditional Northern Thailand


Lampang is 5 hours from Phitsanulok

2 nights here

If you want to travel by public transport between Phitsanulok and Lampang, you have several options to choose from. You can take a bus, a train, a taxi or a car, you can even catch a flight!


The bus journey takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes and costs about 500 Bhat.


The train journey takes about 5 hours and costs about 800 Baht.

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Lampang is a city in northern Thailand, located in the Lampang Province. It is known for its rich cultural heritage and its well-preserved traditional architecture, including wooden temples and horse-drawn carriages, which are still used as a form of transportation in the city

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Optional Chae Son
National Park

Chao Son is 20 minutes from Lampang

1 day to 2 nights here

This is a really nice national park you can go to from Lampang by getting on a shuttle bus on Talad Gao Road.


Now you can just spend the day here and then head back to Lampang.

Alternatively, if you enjoy nature, come here and relax in the National Park for a couple of nights.

Then head back to Lampang on the same bus.

If you're driving

Take Route 1039 from the northwest end of the town. Once on the outskirts of the city, a sign on Route 1157 directs you to Mueang Pan. Drive 60 km until you see a sign pointing left to "Chae Son National Park" on Route 1252. Continue driving for around 10 kilometres until you see a much bigger sign pointing left. Drive another 5 km, and you will arrive.

Chae Son National Park is a protected area located in the Lampang Province of Thailand. The park is known for its scenic hot springs, waterfalls, and caves, as well as its diverse flora and fauna, including species of birds and bats. Visitors can enjoy hiking and trekking in the park, as well as swimming in the hot springs and exploring the caves

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Back to Lampang

It is possible to go straight to Chiang Mai from Chae Son, but the road is extremely bendy and takes the same time as going back to Lampang

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is 2 hours from Lampang

Spend 3 nights here

The train is comfortable and scenic. The journey takes about two hours.

Chiang Mai is a city located in northern Thailand and known for its rich cultural heritage, beautiful temples, and diverse outdoor activities. It is also a popular destination for digital nomads and expats, offering a relaxed and affordable lifestyle. The city is surrounded by lush mountain scenery and is located near national parks, waterfalls, and ancient hill tribes.

You should really book some tours here.

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National Parks

This is a time that you really want to be getting a tour from Chiang Mai whether you're driving or not, to experience the surrounding National Parks so don't go without doing it! Tours are available to book everywhere in the city and your hotel, but you can also book with the link below!

I only say get a tour when necessary.

Public Transport!
Back to Bangkok

It's 10 hours back to Bangkok.

I highly recommend a sleeper train.


a flight

Hot Air Balloons

That concludes the tour! Do you still have time? Then check out another tour!

There are lots of great places to visit in Thailand.

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