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Hot Springs of Chae Son National Park

Looking for a hidden treasure in Thailand? Check out Chae Son National Park, a stunning destination with natural wonders and cultural attractions. You Know Thailand can help you with hotels and transport in Chae Son National Park. Whether you want to relax in the hot springs, hike in the forest, or visit the temples, we've got all the information here.

If you're looking for a gorgeous spot to visit in Thailand, you should check out Chae Son National Park. It's in Lampang province, not too far from Lampang City. The park is huge and has so many amazing things to see and do, like waterfalls, hot springs, caves, and forests. You can also spot some great animals there, like gibbons, deer, and birds.

One of the best things about Chae Son National Park is the Chae Son waterfall. It's a six-level waterfall that flows over limestone cliffs. It's so beautiful and refreshing, especially when the sun makes a rainbow in the spray. You can admire the waterfall from different angles or climb up to the top for a better view. You can also dip into the pools and enjoy the fresh water.

Chao Son National Park Hot Springs

If you're looking for a relaxing and fun way to spend your time at Chae Son National Park, you should definitely check out the hot springs near the park entrance. They're bloody hot, like 73 degrees Celsius, and they have all kinds of minerals that make your skin glow and your body feel good. You can chill in your own onsen (Japanese hot spring bath) in your own room. The best time to go is when it's cold outside first thing in the morning because then you can see the steam in the cool air.

Chao Son National Park Hot Springs

My recent stay at Little Earth Farm View was exceptional. The location offered breathtaking views and the nearby hot springs made the experience even more enjoyable. The hosts were attentive and friendly, ensuring that we had everything we needed throughout our stay. Little Earth Farm View is highly rated on Agoda, and it's easy to see why. If you can't get a reservation here, don't worry, as there are plenty of other incredible options out there. I highly recommend keeping Little Earth Farm View in mind for your future travels - it's a truly special place that won't disappoint.

Chao Son Resort Little Earth Farm View

The hot springs are located close to the hotel resorts. If you purchase fresh eggs, you can cook them in the hot springs, which is a tradition that's worth experiencing. What's unique about Chao Son is that the egg whites solidify while the yolks remain soft and delectable, making it a treat for your senses!


After all the time spent on the road, a relaxing massage at the hot springs is a must. An onsen is a traditional Japanese bathing facility where you can soak in hot spring water. This experience is truly heavenly.


Additionally, visiting the nearby waterfall provides an opportunity to appreciate the stunning natural beauty of the area.


Chae Son National Park is a fantastic destination for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. You can spend a day or more in the park, enjoying its scenic beauty and tranquillity. The park also features camping facilities and bungalows for overnight stays. Furthermore, you can find restaurants and shops near the park entrance. Chae Son National Park is open daily from 6 am to 6 pm.


There are a few transport options to Chae Son National Park depending on where you are coming from. If you are coming from Lampang, you can take a Songthaew, which is a converted pickup truck that operates as a shuttle service. These leave from a small side street near Talad Gao Road between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

If you are coming from Chiang Mai, you can take a minivan that departs from Chang Phueak Bus Station and stops at Mueang Pan District Office, which is about 18 km from the park entrance.

You can also drive your car or bike to the park via route 1252 which crosses the park between Lampang and Chiang Mai

If you are coming from Bangkok, you can take a train, bus, or flight to either Lampang or Chiang Mai and then follow the same options as above.

Use the Asian Public Transport link below to see and order your transport.


Chae Son National Park that are great for visitors looking to stay in the vicinity. Lampang City, the capital of Lampang Province, is a popular option and offers a range of accommodations, from budget guesthouses to luxurious hotels. The city is known for its charming historic architecture, local handicrafts, and unique cultural attractions, including the famous Wat Phra That Lampang Luang temple.

For those seeking a more secluded getaway, the villages around Chae Son National Park offer a peaceful and authentic experience. Here, visitors can stay in traditional homestays and experience the local way of life, with opportunities to learn about local customs and traditions, sample traditional cuisine, and explore the surrounding countryside.


When travelling from Bangkok to Bang Mun Nak, you have two options: taking the train or a taxi.

Both are bookable with the Asian Public Transport link below


From Nakhon Sawan:

Car or Motorbike: Rent a car or motorbike in Nakhon Sawan and drive to Bang Mun Nak. The drive is about 60 km and takes about an hour.

Bus: Take a local bus from Nakhon Sawan to Phichit, the nearest large city to Bang Mun Nak. From Phichit, take another local bus or hire a taxi to Bang Mun Nak.

Train: Take a train from Nakhon Sawan to Phichit and then transfer to a local bus or hire a taxi to Bang Mun Nak.

Deep jungles of North Thailand


Lop Buri

Nakhon Sawan - Bang Mun Nak



Lampang - Chao Son

Chiang Mai

Driving option: Khao Yai

If you are looking for a memorable and enriching travel experience, you might want to consider customising your own tour to the north of Thailand. This tour will take you on a fascinating journey through the historical and natural wonders of central Thailand, before ending in the lively city of Chiang Mai.

You will begin your tour in Ayutthaya, the former capital of Siam, where you will marvel at the ancient ruins of temples, palaces, and monasteries that testify to the glory of the past. Then, you will travel to Lop Buri, a city with a unique Khmer-style temple and monkeys that live among the locals.

From Lop Buri, you will head to Nakhon Sawan and visit Bang Mun Nak, a town that preserves the traditional wooden architecture and culture of Thailand. You will enjoy the authentic Thai cuisine and hospitality as you explore this quaint town.

Your next destination is Phitsanulok, the birthplace of King Naresuan the Great, one of the most revered monarchs in Thai history. You will visit Wat Maha That, a temple that houses one of the largest Buddha statues in Thailand. Then, you will continue to Sukhothai, the first kingdom of Siam, where you will admire the beautiful ruins of the Sukhothai Historical Park.

After Sukhothai, you will visit Lampang, a town known for its exquisite ceramics and rich heritage. You will learn about the history and culture of this region and see how the locals make their pottery.

Your tour will conclude in Chiang Mai, the cultural capital of northern Thailand. You will explore the vibrant city and its historic temples, as well as enjoy the nightlife and shopping options.

This tour is a perfect way to experience the diversity and beauty of central and northern Thailand. You will discover the amazing history, culture, and nature of this region and create unforgettable memories.


White Room
Lampang Temple
Chiang Mai
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