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Hi, I'm an English vlogger who loves to travel around Thailand with my Thai wife. We explore the amazing culture, food and nature of this beautiful country and share our experiences with you on our YouTube channel.

Kamphaeng Phet


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Welcome to the last episode of our Kamphaeng Phet adventure! Today, we're heading into this hidden gem's breathtaking natural landscapes. We'll be exploring Khlong Lan National Park, where nature's wonders take centre stage. Here's what we'll be up to: Oasis of Tranquillity: Resort Near Khlong Lan Waterfall We'll be immersing ourselves in nature's embrace at a resort near Khlong Lan Waterfall. It's about an hour's drive away from the historic city, and it's a great place to chill, with a picnic area too. We spend time a the resort nearby which will be our base camp for a day of exploration and relaxation, Modern and on the swamps with amazing views of the mountains around us. It was the perfect place to stay. Khlong Lan Waterfall Adventure: Awe-Inspiring Beauty We'll be diving into the awe-inspiring Khlong Lan Waterfall. The waterfall is absolutely massive, and it's surrounded by pristine natural surroundings. We'll definitely take our time to absorb its grandeur and soak it all in. Café Sheep Encounters: Playful Moments After our waterfall adventure, we'll head to a charming café nearby and engage in heartwarming playtime with the resident sheep. By feeding and petting, we create memories in the company of these furry friends. Local Delights: Café and Restaurant Exploration We'll take a moment to enjoy the café's ambience and sample local treats. We'll also explore the nearby local restaurant, experiencing the flavours that contribute to the unique culinary landscape of Khlong Lan. And that's it, peeps! We're closing our Kamphaeng Phet journey with a symphony of nature's beauty, playful encounters, and delightful flavours.


Join us in celebrating the splendour of Khlong Lan. If you enjoyed this episode, remember to give us a thumbs up, share your thoughts in the comments, and SUBSCRIBE to stay connected as we bid farewell to Kamphaeng Phet with hearts full of memories!

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