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泰国芭堤雅是坏男孩的归宿。通过 You Know Thailand 发现芭堤雅最好的酒店、航班和活动。通过我们的内幕消息、独家优惠和个性化推荐计划您的梦想假期。现在就在这里一个地方浏览所有主要比较网站来预订您的旅行,开始探索泰国的美丽。

Kamphaeng Phet



人的地方. 大多数狂野的夜生活都发生在主要城市,靠近芭堤雅海滩和码头。那里附近有很多小巷,尤其是晚上的 Soi 6 和步行街,夜生活很肮脏,但老实说,到处都是。


Wat Chang Rop in the historic park stands as a significant temple and a true wonder of architecture. Its most striking feature is undoubtedly the elephant-shaped pagoda (chedi), which is unlike anything I've ever seen. As you step into the temple grounds, you're greeted with a serene and peaceful atmosphere that invites you to take a moment to relax and contemplate.




如果您正在考虑一个更安静的地方,请尝试靠近芭堤雅北部的真理寺。玛丽莲海滩在哪里。避难所是一座令人印象深刻的新建筑,采用大城府时期的古老风格建造。大楼后面的绅士叫 Lek Viriyaphant,他也是您在离开曼谷素万那普机场的路上看到的那头三头大象后面的人。他显然很有品位。真理的圣殿就像人们寻找灵性的博物馆,


Wat Chang Rop:
Wat Phra Kaeo Kamphaeng Phet
City Walls Kamphaeng Phet
Museum Kamphaeng Phet

Koh Larn 是一个美丽的岛屿,就在您身边;你一定要检查一下。普通船从芭堤雅码头去那里,只需 60 泰铢,很便宜。大约需要 40 分钟。你也可以花更多的钱买快艇,大约2000泰铢。

Market Thailand

The Ping River is one of the major tributaries of the Chao Phraya River, which is the main river system in central Thailand. It originates in the mountainous regions of northern Thailand and flows southwards through Kamphaeng Phet before joining the Chao Phraya River near Nakhon Sawan province. there are still several dining options in the area that offer scenic river views or are situated near the riverbanks. I highly recommend 

Ping River_edited.png

Khlong Lan National Park is a 1 hour drive from Kamphaeng Phet

Khlong Lan Waterfall is located within Khlong Lan National Park, Khlong Lan Waterfall, it is a stunning natural attraction that draws visitors with its beauty and grandeur. It is a multi-tiered waterfall that cascades down from a height of over 100 meters (330 feet). The rushing water creates a mesmerizing spectacle as it descends through the lush green forest, surrounded by towering trees and rocky cliffs.

Khlong Lan Waterfall

Phra Hung Hot Springs is a natural attraction located in the Kamphaeng Phet province. The hot springs are known for their therapeutic benefits. Phra Hung Hot Springs is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, who come to experience the healing power of nature. You can completely soak in a private onsen (Hot Spring) and soak your feet in the public hot spring.


现在这真的是罪恶之城。芭堤雅到处都是夜总会和酒吧,妓女比轻便摩托车还多。事实上,这太疯狂了,晚上拍照很难。当地谚语是:“好男孩去 Heavon,坏男孩去 Pattaya”。



Watch the journey yourself :D

YouTube Vlog

Green and White Minimalist Nature Travel Vlog Youtube Thumbnail (5).png
Green and White Minimalist Nature Travel Vlog Youtube Thumbnail (16).png
Thai Festival


12Go 是下面网站小部件的名称,非常适合预订公共交通工具


- If you want to stay close to the historical park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can choose from several hotels and guesthouses near the park entrance. Some of them offer bike rentals to explore the ancient ruins and temples.

- If you prefer a more rural and authentic experience, you can book a homestay or a farm stay in the countryside. You can enjoy the local food, culture and scenery, and interact with the friendly hosts.

- If you are looking for a relaxing and comfortable stay, you can opt for a hotel within Kamphaeng Phet City


White Room
Historical Park at night_edited.jpg
Nakhon Sawan_edited.jpg
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